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ExpressMango is perfect for business owners to market their business using social media

1. Engage your customer

Add an engaging message along with each post. Types of engagements include: satisfaction polls, rewards and referrals.

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2. Convert social media traffic into buyers.

Market your business like a Pro. Create a strategy. Add value to your customer each time you post. Make it easy by scheduling your posts. Collaborate online. Delegate posting to your staff.


3. Create True Customer Adovacates

Who sells your products or services? This may seem like a silly question, the answer being of course, the sales & marketing team. But increasingly, the most important person selling what you’re offering is — your customer.


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$ 29 /month
1 Campaign
1 Hour, setup and strategy consultanting
5 Non-expiring promotional posts
Integrated Analytics for each campaign
$ 899 /month
50 Simultaneous Campaigns
8 Hour Strategy Consulting for each month
500 Non expiring photos in Gallery
Campaign Templates for enterprise
Integrated Analytics and Reports
Schedule Auto Post Scheduling
Campaign Pivot Import Blogs from WordPress
Auto Posting Add Facebook/Tweeter Application Integration
Integrated image repository Integrated data store

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